YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, YOUR FARM COALA IN FARMSTEAD Farmstead is the very first mobile F2P real-world farming game, where players build their farm in the real world. The crops which grow on the farm are depending on the real world terrain, goods – the farm produces– can be sold to digital representations of real world supermarkets and restaurants. And the farm itself is influenced by the real world. When it starts to rain, crops grow faster. If it is the full moon, your workers work harder, as they cannot sleep anyways.

COALA is delivering the data points to render the in-game map as well as weather, moon phase, time of day (sun-movement), public & regional holiday information.
REAL WORLD DATA FIND CONTEXT SEEDS AR FLOWER SCANNER COMMUNITY GARDENS Farmstead uses COALAs vector tile system to render terrains and streets. We use POIs for picking supermarkets and restaurants. In Farmstead you can find seeds and young animals according to your location, weather, season, time of day and more! With Farmstead's AR mode you can identify flowers and gather bees. With COALA, we pick public parks and turn them into a community garden, for players to collaborate in creating a beautiful place. Available soon on: This is the best place to get in contact with us, aswell as joining the Farmstead-Community!

Got questions about the game, problems that you need some support for?
This is the place for you!

You can also share screenshots of your farm, your friendcode with others and even suggest what you would like to be added to the game!